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Here's some earnest statements!

 Mike we had had the table now since 2003  that's been 5 years and it still plays and looks great, the kids and all of us have a great time and think its the best purchase we could have made! just one of the many excited owners...

Mike your table is the absolute pleasure to play on....  Allison Fisher 11 time world champion  ( The Dutchess Of Doom)

This is a great pool table I cant wait to get one for my new house, we should have an outdoor pool tournament that would be wild your tables they are perfect..
Corey Deuel Top Ranked Player of the year 2002 "The Prince Of Pool"

Mike your pool tables are perfect and the construction is way more than we cold have expected! cant wait to work with you on another project!
Dean Marisco  "Dean and Derek"  DIY Networks Indoors Out hit outdoor remodel show...

These pool tables are the absolute best I've ever seen and I don't believe how good they play, the performance matches anything available anywhere..
Vivian Villerreal  Woman's professional Pool Player World Champion and named wpba most exciting player..

Mike we purchased one of the Limited Vineyards models and we have enjoyed it now for over 3 years and absolutely love it....No problems and looks perfect..
another happy customer!

Mike our table under the chikee by the pool gets played on everyday its now been nearly 3 years going strong! and is way cool it make the whole setting..
Seminole Hard Rock

Mike the outdoor tables start when we open and don't quit until we close absolutely beautiful product untiring and definitely high quality... Owner of 3 pool tables since 2002
Knight Time Billiards Hollywood Florida ,Seminole Casino Paradise Shops..

Mike your pool tables are great and play how do you even start to improve on them? they play great, look beautiful and play like no other!
Tommy Kennedy Professional Pool Player, US Open Winner world champion!

Mike The Pool Tables at the Kansas project are absolutely perfect, our outdoor area wouldn't be complete without them!
Home Office "Dave and Busters" Texas

Mike we are one of the Owners of the Limited Pirate Table and I can't express my thanks for designing one of the coolest things that we have ever seen! We play on it all the time! When we entertain people just don't believe it, Then when they play on it it disbelief all over, thanks once again for being so creative you have changed our whole perspective. I just want to just keep doing my whole 15 acre home site in a pirate theme to match the table! Were all about Pirates now.. Your fault!
Randy and Rena  R&R

Mike thanks for the job your guys done on the Custom Outdoor Pool Table for our client at the Tiburon at the Ritz Carlton was perfect what a product!
Tim@ Rec Room Furniture  Naples Fl,  Chicago Il.

Mike The pool table that Mr. Norman Designed for the Dream Home came out fantastic and shows beautiful in the area that we built for it thanks!
"Greg Norman" Dream Home Project  WCI properties..

Mike The new "Sahara" with the built in stick holders we put over in Sarafino is wonderful and the customer loves it!
Robb and Stucky Designs

Mike The outdoor pool table you sold has caused us some home problems! We put it as you know by the pool in the pool cage and now we cant get rid of the neighbors, our house has turned into a meet and greet for the whole neighborhood especially on Friday!! The other morning we found the swimming pool full of half dressed neighbors and they claimed they were looking for the cue ball! AT 5 am.. Here's another problem as you explained could happen our house has turned into a meeting place for the areas kids which isn't so bad we have been successful in keeping an eye on our young the whole neighborhood has a ball.. You know I guess its all a good thing.. Disregard this letter we love our new pool table and wouldn't trade it for the world! and what we once viewed as a problem is a blessing in disguise !! Were trying to get the neighbors to get one so we can visit them for a change..
Just another excited owner...please don't tell anybody where we live were out of parking!

Mike  We got the pool table and as stated its just fabulous Mr. Fox and his family will enjoy it were sure!  enclosed you will find an signed copy of his auto biography once again thanks and we will be in touch..
Another happy superstar...

Mike The outdoor pool table was a perfect gift for the boss at the Atlantic City/Egg Harbor  home were very pleased.
Staff Sony Music

Mike The Beasley Broadcasting outdoor pool table was out of control we never would have believed it could be this wild we will be in touch and many thanks sincerly
Frank/ Beasley Broadcasting Co WRXK 96 K-Rock

Mike  we are just blown away down here at the ESPN sports center the table is out of control, I mean wild man.
ESPN Radio

Mike  We couldn't wait to see the custom outdoor pool table you designed for the new outdoor area at the Stadium and the football lights are the bomb this will definitly make the whole area at the outdoor lounge come alive thanks, we will be talking to you soon about some other stuff thanks again..
Miami Dolphin Football Staff/Joe Robbie Stadium

We could do this all day,,,,,,

corey deuel, troy frank, mike dewitt Custom Designer and builder of pool tables worldwide for high profile clients Mike Dewitt with World Trick Shot King Mike MASSEY


tommy kennedy plays on the all weather billiards outdoor pool table Mike Dewitt Custom Pool Table Builder Does another Project with The Hard Rock Casino mike dewitt builds a custom table for Meucci lori john jones jim rempe outdoor outside pool table meucci allison fisher plays on a custom pool table by Mike Dewitt outdoor pool tables outdoor billiards

The True All Weather Outdoor Pool Table is truly the best consumer or commercial outdoor pool table

best overall Quality
best design|
best playing
best finish
chosen by designers and players

best warranty



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