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The New Exclusive Military Tested CRUD table pool table tested tough against US Pilots..

Eight Top Gun pilots from our nations best Air Wing at Luke Air base test the new Pool table and give it a thumbs up for design and strength.

This table is designed for the unique game of full combat CRUD known as a specific designed billiard game requiring a absolute tough table that can withstand the rigors of tough play. This is based on our standard pro 9foot table with only minor modifications can withstand 5000lbs of static load and all the tough play you can throw at it!

Good luck guys and keep the world safe when your not playing CRUD.

First Report:


I encourage you all to stop by the Emerald Knight's heritage room to see the world's first full-contact crud table.  It is by far the best/strongest crud table ever built.

For anyone who is interested, the manufacturer is Mike Dewitt at All Weather Outdoor Gaming (  They are currently the only company in the world that makes crud tables to such a high standard.  He could not have been better to work with to make the full-contact crud table a reality.

Semper Fi,

Maj "Eddie" Jessen

USMC Exchange Pilot

Chief of Training

308 FS, Luke AFB


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