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Mike the developer of the All Weather Outdoor Pool Table with Women's Professional Pool super stars the "Duchess of Doom" Allison Fisher #1 in the world and The "Texas Tornado" Vivian Villarreal currently ranked #5 in the world. The "Orion" Outdoor Pool table shown here used in competition, but entertaining an exhibition match between the top players on earth was a truly great experience and when it was all said and done not only did the players play great so did the Outdoor Pool table by All Weather Billiards..

Below: Corey Deuel The "Tiger Woods" of pool the #1 pool player in the world and 7th ranked super star Troy frank ready for a week of matches. Mike enjoys the company of  two of the worlds finest pool players on the way to the super billiards expo in Pennsylvania.

L to R Troy Frank, the fat guy in the center is Mike and the worlds #1 player Corey Deuel

Corey Deuel a superstar in the sport of pool gets a little tough challenge from a local arm wrestler who couldn't quite see over the top of a pool table but thought she may have a chance here...

I will be on the move in 2004 heading for #1 move over theres a tornado coming!

Vivian Villarreal was spotted in the everglades during her photo shoot for her new sponsor the Seminole Tribe of Florida showing her "no fear" attitude even among the alligators she was cool!

Is that a 7 foot "Orion" All Weather Outdoor Pool Table?  Sure is! Look for Vivian in 2004 she's wound up like a "Texas Tornado" don't miss the WPBA on ESPN!


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We're the manufacturer of high quality all weather outdoor billiards and pool tables for use both indoor and out with outdoor acceptance of any weather condition now! play pool outside and have the extreme elements not affect your outdoor pool table by all weather billiards lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. Outdoor Pool tables when you think outdoor pool tables call us All weather Billiards.



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