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 At All Weather Billiards we offer shipping to 40 states (average cost is 750.00 and up depending on location) trucking by our own trucking company, and set-up and delivery by our own trained installers. What most every other reseller offers is only curbside delivery or delivery and installation by someone in your geographical area or maybe even if your lucky, someone that knows something about a pool table...but dont count on it!  I used to love that commercial where the old greasy mechanic looks a Porsche with a dead battery and says! "I always wanted to werk on one of those forrrein carz"! 

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Here's curbside delivery explained but not like they would want you to know.

Your table is crated and in most cases delivered in one piece, some are delivered without the legs attached. Loaded aboard a tractor trailer and delivered across the US, when it arrives at your home it will be a big container that will be offloaded in your front yard or driveway and will have to be un-crated and moved to the final playing position. Now keep in mind that the truck driver will perform none of these functions his only job is to get the crate to your house! A separate group of people will have to meet the trucker at a pre determined time to off load the package keeping in mind that it could weigh as much as 800 lbs and complete the delivery to your final playing position. these persons are in some cases actually pool table people but in most cases furniture movers. The way they are located is through local dealers or day labor pools where there are many good people looking for temporary work but few actually have any pool table experience! Assembling and leveling a pool table is not an easy task nor is it one you as the consumer would want to tackle. The reason that we developed our own shipping system is because we can guarantee you a smooth delivery and set-up and in fact we once tried the curbside delivery scenario and believe me I wouldnt want a pool table showing up at my house crated and weighing 700+lbs. and having to move it to a back pool deck through a 30" fence across 50' of lawn and up 3 steps to the pool deck!

 Other than the fact that there will be a 50+ foot tractor trailer in your drive way for possibly hours and you may need a rough terrain forklift and several anxious neighbors to complete the move to the final play position it may work out ok and there will be no bodily damage to the home or neighbors!  Now during all this offloading and positioning and  bringing a 700lb package to the ground and making a proper installation you may just get real lucky and get to finally play pool providing the pool table wasn't damaged in all this deal, and you have to file a damage claim with the trucking company, because thats the deal once the box is on the truck you now are at the mercy of them and if theres any damage found at delivery you file claims with them and belive me that could be months before you get any satisfaction! so it may be weeks before you play pool. And believe me we once had a nightmare with a particular trucking and I might take this moment to point out this terrible trucking company by name because even after 3 years from this date they still havn't settled their claim with us and we highly would't recommend you use this trucking company for any transportation of any product anywhere. They have many names but generally this is the parent company we used a company named USF Dugan a subsidary of this company..I might add that this company put us in the Trucking Business to guarantee a perfect arrival every time...

In conclusion of course don't wish these kind of problems on anyone its just that we have had our share of shipping atrocities and also here these stories from people that wished they took our advise..Well anyway That's basic curbside delivery ..At least that's the way we have had it experience it!

The Difference!

Our delivery is two highly trained skilled pool table mechanics driving our customized vehicles making personalized installations at your home where they will perform each function with accuracy and professionalism.. Drawback is it's not exactly free and maybe not come as fast but as you would find out neither is our competitors when they call it free shipping it is it! really think about it is it worth it! More Information