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First things first when we talk about, Outdoor Pool Table what do we mean?

Our tables are made exclusively to be used as a custom pool table that can be placed in the climate controlled atmosphere of your home, used in semi damp areas such as a lanai, or extreme weather conditions, such as directly out of doors on the lawn, around the pool, in the snow, or wherever!

Pool tables made from wood or wood by products are susceptible to humidity and damp conditions thus allowing damage and un-serviceability after a very short period. Pool tables made from metals and materials designed for extreme weather will survive most outdoor situations with little or no service problems..

We have been reluctant to reveal our secrets as to the weather resistance of our exclusive pool tables simply because our extensive research and design has produced a fine quality product and we dont want our product simply popped off (copied) by some pirates and built with inferior materials and workmanship Be sure you are purchasing a outdoor table by All Weather Outdoor Pool Tables.

So as this is already happening we will disclose the nature of our construction so as you can use this as a comparitor when shopping for an custom or outdoor pool table.

Some questions to ask yourself first..

  1. What materials are specifically designed to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors?
  2. Is a slate top on a pool table a better surface than a cement by-product or partical board?
  3. Does the table use exclusively stainless or plated hardware, nuts and bolts?
  4. What is the real warranty and how does it apply?
  5. Is the table made in the USA with American products or is it imported?
  6. these are just a few things to ask when your shopping for a extreme condition pool table..


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