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How To Outdoor Pool Table The whys and why nots!

the concept of an outdoor pool table is simply the introduction of quality materials made to withstand the elements and the natural destruction of the extremes of the out of doors, climate, corrosive existence, acid rain, abuse, uv rays of the sun and anything that can be considered!

Take all these elements and then add the close tolorances associated with of the art of building a competitive pool table which we will say is not a toy but a precision piece of equipment that you can use as a toy for years of excitement with the staying power to give performance and pleasure for years to come. This is what we developed here at our company not just a outdoor pool table but a piece of outdoor furniture that we are proud to be the manufacturers of! We all live in South Florida just 15 minutes from the Florida Everglades and less than 1 mile to the sandy beach's of the Gulf of Mexico our climate has shown us the way to build a great piece of equipment that will survive the elements. we have tested our tables from Alaska to South America and have experienced all climate changes and find only one answer! we've beat it all!

Here's How We Do-It  The how to guide of a Performance Outdoor Pool Table!

How We Build Our Exclusive Outdoor Pool Tables.

First we start with a piece of quality marine grade aluminum sheet that we machine to exacting dimensions with our precision CNC controlled (Computer Aid Measuring Equipment) this sizes and cuts the pieces to begin the construction of the assembly. PHOTO!

More to come....


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