The Deal:


   We were contacted by the Miami Dolphin headquarters in Davie Florida wanting a proposal to the construct 2 outdoor pool tables to be installed at the new level pub in the totally renovated Dolphin Stadium and with that thought in mind and knowing that I am a Dolphin Nut just the energy was enough to get me started! So when the deal was agreed to we began this little journey to create a true above average themed outdoor pool table to be placed in the club house of the legendary Miami Dolphin Stadium.

The Journey Begins Here!

  • The Deal
  • Material List
  • Computer Drawings and layout
  • Component Design
  • The Powder Coat Process
  • Cloth and Rail Construction
  • Test Assembly And Checking Tolerances
  • Delivery To the New Dolphin Stadium
  • Off To The Pre Season Game today is AUGUST 11 2007