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All weather billiards is a custom pool table manufacturing company pledged to build the most exclusive and well built pool table in the world and we will prove it!


Outdoor Pool Tables is what we do!

Michael Dewitt:
Born: Toledo Ohio
Moved to Florida in 1954 just in time to see the roads get paved!

Non trained Non Indian Alligator wrestler ( Chased me around my back yard for over an hour finally I lassoed it with an extension cord and directed it back to the water) Dog trainer, baby sitter,
past experiences  Roofer, plumber, electrician, tree trimmer, skilled to live electric and utility free for over 3 weeks!  Hurricane Charley Survivor..

Current President of All Weather Billiards and Outdoor Gaming
Merchant Marine Boat Captain/US Coast Guard Licensed 50 G Ton
Charter Boat Captain (Referred to many who have sailed with him as the real Captain  Ron!)
Military Trained and Certified Aircraft Welder and Mechanic
Short track stock car champion / holder of a NASCAR license 1979

Aircraft maintenance and door gunner UH1H / Ch47/
MARS Radio Operator/Da Nang (Red Beach and Marble Mountain) Viet Nam 1970  AB8AE
US Army Viet Nam Veteran 101st Airborne / a co 159th avn btn Airmobile Sergeant
Tennessee Air National Guard, over 4 years in the military serving his Country
Florida National Guard trained in a T-60 tank ft,knox ky
Skydiver both static line and free fall

Single engine land aircraft pilot...
PADI senior scuba diver known as the "Lobster Exterminator" Big Pine Key Fl
visited 29 states and 12 countries and I got to say that took a lot of beer!

True American Man!
World Traveler/ Australia, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos (not supposed to mention that one), Japan. Hong Kong, Canada,  Bahamas chain,,,,  plus some I can remember But I Do Remember The Kalik!

Designer and Builder of custom application race car components used in both street rods and stock cars
Custom automobile painter
Accomplished pool player
Musician and singer
Original Builder of Themed Pool Tables and Gaming Devices

Designer of the "Pirate Pool Table" among over 30 unique designs!

But Most of All The Original Designer and Builder of the Exclusive All Weather Outdoor Pool Table by All Weather Billiards and Gaming in Naples Florida And that's something to be proud of...



All Weather Outdoor Pool Tables

"the only logical choice"
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Naples, Florida  34109
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