Here's a Deal that will not last!

For a limited time order the 4x8 Mona Lisa Arch Special!

4x8 regulation, slate bed, tru play cushions, full lifetime warranty, all accessories included, ball set, 2 cues, cover, chalk, rack, bridge, maint guide...

We have 15 completed units in stock finished in Black Matte Poly Peel with Black Cloth on the rails and heather green on the bed what a great looking combination,

Here's the story! these were ordered by an off shore buyer that couldn't complete the deal so here's the deal were passing the his misfortune on to 15 lucky buyers!

We want to sell these in groups delivered to the same general area so here's the deal!

BUY  1  TABLE! $4600.00 EA.  save(300.00) This is just a good deal by itself!

BUY  2  TABLES $4500.00 EA. save(500.00) This is a crazy good deal!

BUY 3 OR MORE pay only $3900.00 ea. This is just an insane deal! (save $1000.00on each table!) over 25% off! (please no negotiations, no future buys, dealers no, just get your neighbors together and save a bundle!) do it today these wont last long!

BUT WAIT!  Heres one more deal! If you can muster 4 or more buyers we will deliver set-up and install all the  tables for the price of 1!    within a 50 mile radius! this is the cats meow!

let me take a look at this deal! To Do The buy 4 Deal Do I have 4 friends? That wants to own a world class outdoor pool table! Do I have 4 friends that will together be responsive to a savings of over $7000.00 ? Do I Have 4 Friends That want to have the finest outdoor pool table in the world at such a dramatic discount that not only I but, yes I do have 4 Friends that cant refuse! Of course I do....I better call hey! 239-272-9736! keep trying even if the phones busy!
or try toll free 1-(239) 594-0693 or fax us at 239-594-0746  or e-mail us at
Or send a carrier pigeon to 6122 janes lane naples Florida 34109 or plan your flight destination FT Myers Florida call us upon arrival we'll send a car for you!

 Heres your check list!
Friens#2_______________ get the idea!

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