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The Worlds First 6x12 Outdoor Snooker Table

Built exclusively for the use as a Pro Crud Pool table
and doubles as a 6x12 snooker play table...

All aluminum and stainless steel bringing snooker back to the outdoors!!!!

This pure custom table is the brainchild of designer and builder of custom gaming equipment Michael Dewitt the creator of the All Weather Outdoor Pool Table    shown here are some early development pictures of the layout and design plus the early lower box and structure capable of carrying the extreme weight of the massive 2" thick imported custom cut slate measuring 6 feet wide by 12 feet long and installed in 5 pieces each weighting over 300 pounds! This massive Pool and Snooker table combination will perform as well as any table on the market with the added feature of being all constructed from solid machined and welded Aluminum and Stainless components, this is built to last even in the outdoor environment..and play extraordinarily  well due to the design and total start to finish development.

Designs and computer aided drawings show the static load forces that this pool table to exceed 4000 pounds so we tested it by placing 4000+ lbs of slate on a palate directly in the center and measured the table and found it to withstand this kind of load with ease so we are guessing this table could quite possibly the strongest and toughest outdoor pool table ever built! and we welcome challengers..

Some ask why are you building such a wild and big pool table for outdoors? and Mike simply replied! CHEAPER THAN A GOLF MEMBERSHIP!

Once when mike was asked , Why did you build the "Dodge Hemi Charger Pool Table" I heard Mike say simply because" it gets great gas mileage, insurance is cheap plus it gets the chicks!


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