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The "President" By All Weather Billiards

4x8 regulation, slate bed, tru play cushions, full lifetime warranty, all accessories included, ball set, 4 cues, cover, chalk, rack, bridge, maint guide...


We are an American Company using American Workers to produce American Made Products with American Pride!( We would like to say we drove American Vehicles,  but were not sure where our Dodge Trucks are made anymore!) and a good old Cheese Burger for lunch will always taste better than Sushi!

The "President" If you are an American no matter what voice you here or what drum you follow here's a deal for you!

Everyone Loves Pool! Anyone can play from birth to death we are all pool players inside its anyone's game no special skills, no tricks just shoot the little ball in the hole and smile! Now play indoors or out we have the most enjoyable product ever introduced to use your indoor or outdoor spaces with style!

4x8 "President Model Limited"  This unique Outdoor Pool Table With a Color scheme that shows your colors and what we all believe in no matter what the climate!

Limited to 30 tables sold in the delivered in the USA only ! $5500.00 (price may vary depending on delivery area!) 

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