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As the designer and the the head of development in our small but aggressive company Mike is steady on the go from trade shows to tournaments to work in the shop..

Military trained sheet metal and aircraft repair including airframe welding and powerplant repair plus total refinishing is just a small part of the background of this mad man..

From the 70s thru the 80s Mike and his father (a tool and die maker by trade) built custom street rod components and race car parts for all types of racing cars to include drag racing and early Nascar components (mostly circle track what a passion he had and his father for this.) through the balance of the 80s his passion for pool that was equally shared by his father a spectacular pool player to say the least, increased and by the late 80s mike was in full swing running his own pool room with 18 tables, restaurant and a full service pro shop and seeing a need for an outdoor table was in the back of his devious mind..

more to come....


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