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All True All Weather Outdoor Pool Tables are manufactured from marine grade Aluminum with stainless steel fasteners (shown here the lower cabinents which support the entire table constructed of 3/16 inch aluminum plate all mig welded on factory jigs) and proudly made in the USA..

Shown here are the powder coated lower sections awaiting fitting and installation of the imported

Shown below is a slate order of 40,000 lbs which is about 4 months supply, sizes to build 7,8,9 10 and 10 foot tables...


Shop tool crib includes:

10 hp Dickson 12' metal cutting panel saw fitting long cuts preps panels for the Router Bed
4 axis CNC router 36x24 Emblems and small routing projects
4 axis CNC Router by Aligh-Rite tools used for pool cue repairs and small rotating manufacturing
10'x5' CNC flat bed router cuts the flat panels within .002 inch accuracy (Thickness of a hair)
Plasma cutter for those cuts not abled by the routers
(3) Miller matic spool mig guns for all the production mig welding operations
Miller 350 water cooled TIG welder used specifically for the tedious construction of the rails
(9) Drilling operations via dedicated drill presses
(11) angle cutting saws for the manufacturing of the rail backings
three phase 10 hp table saw
three phase 5 hp 212" verticle band saw
three phase horizontal band saw used primarily to cut the leg extrusions
Rockwell 500 degree powder coat oven
ITW Gema Powder Coat gun and hopper system
Nordson 100KV back up Powder Coat Gun and Hopper
Pasche Filter booth for powder coat applications
Mitec CNC (Anilam 3000 CNC) Mill
Mitec DRO with Precise rockwell 50,000 rpm spindle
(7) Clausing lathes
(2) CNC lathes
Enco manual verticle mill with DRO and table drive
Plus a world of other machines dedicated to the maqnufacture of the worlds finest OUTDOOR POOL TABLE..



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