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Coming Medieval

Pre build state..

We have been studying the making of a potential mind blowing table to depict the ages of sword fighting, kings and queens, knights and old world style that will be a first anywhere so  keep checking back this will be a mind juggler!


we are in the building stages of the totally awesome pool table, a true wicked representation of the early ages of knights, jousting, lances, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck and all that goes with this age of rebellion, knighthood, tragic lifestyles, kings and queens, castles we are going to get a little of everything in this truly one of a kind Outdoor/Indoor Pool Table Designed and Built by Designer Michael DeWitt. When we were approached to do this wild theme outdoor pool table we began research and started looking all material to develop this masterpiece of the old World... keep coming back the build starts last week in January 2008. Meanwhile look at the progress of the Pirate Table  Sneak Preview Pirate Table

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