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 Exotic Outdoor Cloth Designs

"Sunbrella outdoor Fabrics"

Exotic cloths  can be special ordered and make your outdoor pool table even more of a center piece than ever dreamed..
Only at All Weather Billiards we are the originators of outdoor fun with flair we are
 "Making The World A Better Place To Play!"

More exotic cloth available from All Weather Billiards

Coconut affair

Coladium Spree

White Sand Beach


Parrots and Butterflies

Palm Fans

Larger Aquarium Print / Aquarium

Early Vine

The exotics are made by "Sunbrella Fabrics" specifically for outdoor use and have the same characteristics as our
standard play cloth with the exception of visual effects of playing pool on a beach or with palm trees under your #6 ball!
Your break! Watch out for the Parrot by the end pocket!

*Exotic colors add approx: $275.00 to table cost (prices vary)  *used in most cases on the flat play area only..



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Outdoor Pool Table By All Weather Billiards


We're the manufacturers of high quality all weather outdoor billiards and pool tables for use both indoor and out with outdoor acceptance of any weather condition now! play pool outside and have the extreme elements not affect your outdoor pool table by all weather billiards lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. Outdoor Pool tables when you think outdoor pool tables call us All weather Billiards.



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