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Our Tables!

All Corrosion Resistant Aluminum                             

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Original Slate Beds
  • K-66 professional Rail Bumpers
  • warranted acrylic fabric
  • state of the art electrostatic baked on finish
  • many color combinations
  • variation of finish
  • mild to wild customizing available
  • made in the USA
  • light weight aluminum components
  • delivered assembled, partial assembled, dis assembled
  • DVD roms available with set-up instructions for the do-it yourselfers
  • Endorsements by professional players

 Other Outdoor Tables available 

  • Fiberglass over chipped wood composites
  • plastic components
  • fiberboard and composites play surfaces
  • plastic very unreal cloth
  • many components made overseas
  • limited or no warranties
  • one piece construction (lets see here! just attach level and your ready to play!) one piece table 400-600 lbs. just attach legs sounds pretty simple to a group of professional wrestlers or weight lifters)!
  • poor styling
  • poor playing
  • vinyl stapled to wood?


  • Im tired! Ive seen them all that's why we have there's our outdoor table for those who want to get their monies worth! and truly believe that pool can be enjoyed indoor or out!


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