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Play Equipment:

What will you get when you buy play equipment made for the indoors to use on your outdoor table?

First.  Our play packages have proven pool sticks made form a composite filled fiberglass clad material that we have had in service for many years now and have experienced a high quality cue that will withstand the outdoor environment.
Next: Our triangle is made from a composite material similar to ABS a very strong plastic that will withstand the environment for years with no failures.
Next: We sell only Belgium Arimuth Balls that we have personally tested and found to be superior in every way including fading and chipping.
Next: Our bridge heads are a proven ABS Plastic material designed to give years of service and are small enough to be tucked away until needed for that hard to reach shot.
Next: We use a fitted cover that we are proud to say will actually protect your table unlike those cheap visqueen covers offered by others that simply blow away the first time the wind exceeds 3 mph.

Heres a few differences..  

Over the years we have tested many ball sets for Cracking, Chipping, Fading and found that the belgian arimuth balls that are a standard accessory on all our outdoor pool tables are the overall best when buying an outdoor pool table always insist on the best quality ball sets.

outdoor quality Billiard Balls by allweatherbilliards.comBelgian Arimuth Billiards Ball Set(standard on all weather pool tables by all weather billiards and gaming                                     $95.00


outdoor quality Billiard Balls by allweatherbilliards.comBelgian Arimuth Pro Ball Set                                           $215.00



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