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Warranty Information

The no nonsense version. The long version is also available but this is the simple version with all the smoke and mirrors removed.

  • 1st --ALL Pool Tables are not ment to be moved once placed in any position and the level is designed to the exact placement of the table if you should move the table you must have a qualified pool table mechanic perform this in any event to prevent damage to any part of you pool table, before you move or disassemble your awb pool table you must contact us by fax or phone and we will provide valuable information that will not promote the damage of any component that could have adverse effects of the quality and long term playability and possible warranty claim denial.
  • Our tables have a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and failures due to workmanship, and breakdown of component failure due to normal use.
  • The cloth has a manufacturer warranty of 3 years against tearing, fading, rotting or generally failing due to exposure to the elements, should your cloth become unserviceable you must return it at your cost the unserviceable portion and it will be forwarded to the factory and upon their inspection and finding it to be damaged by sunlight, moisture or other covered reasons will replace it under their warranty. The warranty is for the replacement of the cloth only and does not cover labor or replacement costs or of the cloth or any part thereof.
  • Replacement of component pieces due to workmanship, in the event of failure we at our option will replace or repair any component that fails due to normal use or shows a manufacturers defect that is considered to be unserviceable. We do not cover damaged components from misuse, neglect, or general damage caused by moving, transporting or storage.
  • Consumables as in all tables are considered to be cloth, pockets, and rail bumpers, balls, cues, and play equipment etc. and are only covered by manufacturers warranties if applicable.
  • In replacement components or consumables of any sort shipping and delivery costs plus on site repairs or replacement of component pieces are not covered, all shipping of component pieces or any replacement covered under any warranty claim repair labor and shipping costs are not included and is the responsibility of the owner of the table and or unserviceable component.
  • Damages caused by ongoing use or damage by moving, repositioning or disassembling and or reassembling are not covered.
  • Any Slate bed pool table can be damaged by moving or sliding the tables after it has been positioned at the installation. It should be moved by competent pool table movers only. Our tables are designed to be moved or repositioned easily by any competent pool table mechanic that can be found in most city directories or you may simply contact us for the names of installers in your area that may assist you in moving, disassembly, or reassembly.
  • You should not stand, sit or otherwise place any heavy objects on the surface bed of the pool table for any reason. These actions will void the warranty on the slate bed replacement as in all pool tables.

For more warranty information ask for our complete warranty package at the time of purchase.

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