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Mike DeWitt does it again! A true Pirate style Outdoor Pool Table by Designer Mike DeWitt

Outdoor Pirate Pool Table Limited Production By Mike DeWitt       Prototype sold
                                                                        seriel#  001  sold
                                                                        seriel#  002  sold   3-10 available as of 1-28-2008
                                                                        seriel#  003-007 sold 3 available as of 4-10-2008

 pirate_table_by_all_weather_billiards 1997/2007

Pirate Table   "Ayeee matey" Finished To be on exhibition at the marine industries show Jan 22-25 then off to "Port Royal"

The "Pirate" Limited production
Brown fleck powder coat
Heather green cloth

black rail cloth with heather green on the bed
Pirate logo on cloth and body/crossed cutlass and barrels
veneered with antiqued PT dock lumber filled with authentic Rope
Custom pirate logo custom made and hand painted all wood overlay has been antiqued along with custom hand sewn real fish net pockets
approx cost per table with matching Floor or wall rack $11,500. (SOLD)#01+02  included delivery and set any where in the cont USA


here's a true pirate themed table with slatted wood and hemp rope all aluminum frame and cushion assemblies real net drop pockets fashioned by local fishermen. True to form a hand cut Pirate flag and crossed cutlass plus a Rum Runner Theme make up!

This one is sold and sticking to the CODE we wont divulge any more info but the price was serious Jack and we didn't Spare, oh! any expense in making this one of the most impressive pool tables in the world..  We will build only 10 each and will be numbered and artist signed. Completed by  01. 22. 08  plus the beginning of the Old World Medieval see It all starts with a dream and the need to play pool!



hand painted and carved "Jolly Roger" type flag and crossed cutlass only half completed when finished the entire table will be totally antiques and weathered and be adorned by pirate era goodies..




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