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The "Orion Star"

Here's the photo shots of the "Orion Star" this section is the base that supports the slate and all the components of play. All the components shown are made in a custom fitting jigs and heli-arc welded to assure not only a beautiful end product but one that plays consistent.

Here's some photos of the "Star" at an outdoor exhibition covered with the "Toast" colored cloth and the black shielded pockets, sporting the espn "elephant balls"

The Leg Trim Is Solid Aluminum Bar Extrusion Hand Hammered (An Antiquing Effect used for ages to give a weathered appearance to metals of all kinds) 

Worker here making the final inspection of the installed Gold Powder Finished Side Trim.

Workers spend hours hand hammering the leg trim a long process but a process that we feel gives that touch of specialty to this outdoor pool table.


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